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Meet the Christensens

“It is a great place to live and to raise a family.”

“We built a new house in West Jordan a few years ago. We were able to customize our home with the features and spaces that were most important for our family, without feeling like we had to accept any compromises to get what we wanted. We feel like we live in a “Goldilock’s” house, where everything is just right.  We love the flexibility of our open gathering spaces, the utility of our oversized pantry, and the fact that we were even able to adjust the footprint of the house to maximize backyard play area.  We are just now expanding into our basement, which we carefully designed to meet the needs of our growing family–with a few little luxuries included.

We love living in West Jordan.  The city offers a variety of recreational programs that our kids have enjoyed.  There are many parks throughout the city and great neighborhoods.  We also appreciate the proximity to many family-friendly attractions nearby, such as the Loveland Aquarium and Gardner Village.  We have made many great friends in our neighborhood. It is a great place to live and to raise a family.

The Location

About West Jordan

Known for: New construction and subdivisions, convenient shopping, access to recreation and community programs, and family-friendly neighborhoods with a large population of children and teenagers.

Neighborhood Median Price: $393,500

Average Cost Per Square Feet: $141

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