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Sell Your Home

There’s selling a home, and then there’s selling a home the Niche Homes Way
Our team of designers and contractors evaluate your property, give recommendations for optimizing your home’s value, and then execute with efficiency and an eye for detail. We go above and beyond to get you top-dollar for your home. Our properties sell 41%  faster and for 10-15% more than comparable properties.

Let us guide you through home-selling strategies that account for your stage of life and financial goals. Want to maximize your home value? We can do that. Want to keep this whole process as simple and stress-free as possible? We can do that too.

A Personalized Approach

We respect your concerns and strive to accommodate your priorities. If minimizing stress is your goal, we modify timing and budget expectations. We bring in buyers who will be mindful of the boundaries you have set without staging or other intrusive strategies.

Are you interested in getting top-dollar for your home? Our in-house designer and maintenance team will review your home and recommend ways for you to maximize your home’s value. Examples of recommendations include: roof repair, bathroom or kitchen updates, new flooring, landscaping, painting or other fine details. We have a network of trusted tradespeople who can help you execute these changes quickly and efficiently.

The Niche Homes Way

Free Staging Services

One of the biggest differences between Niche Homes and other realtors is that we provide all-inclusive staging in our commission price. Most realtors will tack the cost of cleaning, window washing, and staging items onto your bill. In our opinion, this isn’t something that a client should pay for, nor manage. You’re already paying us well—it’s our job to work hard for you and earn our money!

Our Process

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