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Yalecrest Yard Sale Day 2019

By May 24, 2019November 11th, 2022Neighborhood Events, Neighborhood Features

Another Successful Yard Sale!

It is hard to believe! The 3rd annual Yalecrest Yard Sale Day has come and gone. Thanks to the support of the Yalecrest Neighborhood Council (YNC) and stellar participation from our community. It’s remarkable to see this event continue to pick up steam with every passing year. We are also grateful the weather decided to cooperate, and it was a beautiful, sunny day to rummage, recycle and hang out with friends and neighbors.

Garage Sales

This year, we had over 60 yard sales participate in Saturday’s event. Thanks to efforts by the University Village, we were able to coordinate our yard sale day with their annual garage sale as well. And did you notice our other new Yard Sale member? Wasatch Community Gardens was on the map this year with their annual plant sale.


One of the highlights of the Yard Sale is watching the Utah Recycling Alliance working their magic. They set up their CHaRM station in the East High parking lot and wowed us all with their sorting and packing skills. At the end of the day, they drove away with trucks chalk-full of Yalecrest electronics, pharmaceuticals and tires.

Music, Food and Crafts

The Summit Big Band dolled out up-beat tunes for a few hours in sunny Laird Park. If you were lucky enough, you watched your kids craft with Clever Octopus while enjoying a Fry Me to the Moon loaded Navajo taco. Jazzy tunes, art and greasy, finger-licking food is about as good as it gets on a Saturday afternoon in May!


This event could not have happened without our Yard Sale co-chairs Toby Larson and Loree Hagen. After living only a month in our neighborhood, Toby came to our YNC meeting and asked how could help. Little did he know what he was getting into! He did a spectacular job and we are grateful to have Toby and his family in the neighborhood. Loree Hagen is a quiet hand behind the YNC as our treasurer for the last two years. Under Loree’s watchful eye, the Salt Lake City granted the YNC a $2,000 ZAP grant to bring our community together for our annual Yard Sale! The yard sale would not be possible without these funds.

Rick Oliver posts our signs and banners EVERY month for the YNC. As member of our neighborhood for nearly 3 decades, Rick has seen our neighborhood grow up and he supports the people and places in it. He is the leader of the awesome Summit Big Band that performed at Laird Park for the afternoon.

Dan Ricks is our secretary and takes thoughtful notes every month at our YNC meetings and disburses the email. He spent a ton of time populating the map and posting the information online for Yard Sale. Dan has been another steady force for good this year as the YNC secretary.

Save the Date

You can look forward to another Yalecrest Yard Sale Day next year. Mark your calendar to sell, shop, share and salvage Mother’s Day weekend 2020.

…and We Need Your Help

Events like the Yalecrest Yard Sale Day don’t run themselves. We are looking for Yalecrest neighbors who can donate a few hours to the Yalecrest Community Council. Elections are next month, we welcome all volunteers and voters to our next council meeting!

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