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Yalecrest Homes 2018 Top Posts

By January 21, 2019April 1st, 2019Most Viewed

Over the last year, our team has been welcomed into the homes and lives of remarkable individuals—professionals, neighbors, clients and friends—who graciously shared their experiences and insights with us. We do not take lightly the vulnerability these individuals show opening up to us, and largely the world. Our aim is to keep it positive; our goal is to stay high.

It is always interesting to see which blog posts gain the most traction. There is usually a schism between what is most interesting to our loyal, neighborhood reading base and what gains traction on larger search engines.

Our list this year is based purely on blog hits: it doesn’t take into account our personal opinions or social media likes. In fact, several of our top blog posts never made it onto social media; and some of our most-liked social media posts didn’t make it onto our top-ten list. Our highest-ranked story from 2018 was posted with limited traffic in October 2017, but slowly gained momentum in 2018.

We hope you enjoy reading or re-reading this year’s top posts. Please let us know if there was a story you particularly liked in 2018; maybe one that did not make our list. And we welcome feedback on what you’d like to see more of in 2019: home tours, market information, neighborhood stories, Salt Lake lifestyle features, or anything else. We appreciate your comments below!

#10 Navigating School Choice

We interview a handful of families about their experience with Salt Lake’s private and public schools. Read the opinions of a diverse set of voices.


#9 Laird Drive Home Tour

A sunny afternoon spent with Beth Jasper chatting about her family’s move from L.A. and their new build on Laird Drive.


#8 Spring Home Sales and Mortgage Report (by Yalecrest Homes and Mortgage Brokers LLC)

The Yalecrest area’s 1st and 2nd quarter home sales figures and projections for 2018. Jesse Theurer discusses mortgage situations where the lowest rate isn’t always the best rate.


#7 Buy, Remodel or Rebuild

We delve into the details of 2018’s #1 question. What to do when you need more room and you can’t decide whether to buy, remodel or rebuild?


#6 Meet Yalecrest Designer Sarajane Johnson

Catch up with Sarajane Johnson at one of her favorite local shops, Mabo. We talk about her holiday wares and 20 years as an interior and floral designer.


#5 Harvard Avenue Restoration Home Tour

The Fowles family’s labor of love restoring their neighbor’s timeless 1930’s Tudor on Harvard Avenue.


#4 Interview with Modernist, Ron Molen, 89

Read Molen’s advice for living a creative life. Be inspired by his activism and commitment to art and justice.


#3 OneOEight

Meet Kris and James Dumas, Yalecrest residents and owners of our neighborhood’s newest restaurant and watering hole.


#2 Princeton Avenue Home Tour

We talk designing a family-friendly home and the benefits of a one-story floor plan with Jesse and Elisabeth Theurer.


#1 Boom or Bust in 2018

If soaring real estate prices and loosening credit restrictions are giving you Great Recession flashbacks, you are not alone.


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