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Yalecrest Garden Tour: A Summer Morning Stroll

There’s nothing quite like a Salt Lake City morning: the remaining chill of a desert night, the earthy canyon breeze, and the sun gliding over the mountains. If you’ve had the pleasure of living in the East, Midwest, or anywhere with humidity for that matter, you, too, can appreciate the gift of our city’s glorious daybreak. It’s almost worth moving to Salt Lake just for the summer mornings!

I usually walk or run through our neighborhood at this magnificent time of day. During my jaunts, I’ve discovered a treasure trove of secret gardens from English-inspired to small-space ingenious. I recently had the idea to take a camera along on my early morning stroll and capture a few of the remarkable gardens lacing our neighborhood.

I hope you enjoy perusing the Yalecrest gardens that have inspired me and encourage you to get out and discover the beauty of a Yalecrest morning!

Michigan Ave

Grasses, ornamental maples and irises add a unique twist to this classic cottage garden on Michigan. Note the creative use of Hornbeams on the west side of the home for privacy.

Harvard Ave and 1500 E.

Here we find another elegant, well-groomed English garden with creatively landscaped privacy barriers.

This timeless Spanish revival integrates Mediterranean style with drought-tolerant sensibility and grow-your-own functionality.

Hubbard Ave

Xeriscaped Russian sage, grasses and echinacea en masse are a lively contrast to the neighborhood’s traditional garden fare.

Our neighborhood’s “Own Little Library” is as thoughtful and endearing as it’s Asian-inspired landscape.

The charm is in the details: cascading pots and boxes, tree swings, rows of abundant hydrangeas, and boxwood topiaries of all shapes and sizes.

Military Drive Fairy Garden

This immaculate English garden on Military Drive backs up to Miller Park and is a respite from the fast pace of city living. Owner and designer, Jean Evans, plans and executes iconic English gardens for a living. She spends at least one hour a day during the summer months and up to 6 hours a day during the fall and spring tending to her living masterpiece.

If you or your family have the chance to wander by this delightful garden, take time to find all the colors of the rainbow. Look long enough and you’ll also discover a variety of whimsical fairies, fairy houses and hidden art.

Entering through the gates of Jean’s backyard is like stepping into a magical world. The sound of chimes and water mix with light, shade and color.

900 South

Moving on to something a little less formal. This porch on 900 South is now a hip indoor/outdoor space maximizing summertime square footage . Brilliant and cool!

My very own Dave transformed our unsightly side yard into a container garden, zip line and netted trampoline marvel. He single handedly proved that almost anything can be done in 30 square feet of space!

Gilmer Drive

And finally, what is more iconic to the Yalecrest neighborhood then the historic, and aptly named, Garden Park Ward? Iconic and photographer dream location. More information can be found at: