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Time to Reset

By August 17, 2022August 31st, 2022Design Advice

Update Your Child’s Bedroom for a Fresh Start to the School Year

August is a busy month. Between squeezing in end-of-summer trips and back-to-school shopping we often feel overwhelmed. And while August is hectic, the start of the school year turns quickly into the rush of autumn festivities, which leads right into the marathon of holiday madness. With this in mind, we recommend taking some time over the next few weeks to set your children up for success. Giving them a space they’re excited about is a fantastic way to prepare for the school year and give them a boost of invigoration. Here are a few simple tips from Niche Homes Studio Designer Polina Hullinger for how to approach this project:

1. Do an Assessment

Before buying new school clothes, go through your child’s wardrobe; take an inventory and make way for the bigger sizes by getting rid of clothes that no longer fit. This process makes space for new clothes and helps you know precisely what your child needs.

While you’re at it, attempt to downsize the toy collection. Less toys means less mess, less time cleaning up and less need for storage. It also means more imaginative play and less plastic. Decluttering is a favorite pastime at Niche Homes. When possible, try to buy medium sized toys. Big toys are hard to store and small ones are easily lost and harder to clean up. Beautiful toys can be displayed as part of the decor.

2. Update Baskets and Storage Containers

Baskets and containers are the most important items in a kid’s room. And a parent’s saving grace for cleaning up. They make it easy to quickly store items that can be out of sight. We suggest sticking with neutral colors and avoiding see-through containers for a cleaner look. Preferably tuck them in a cubby so the top is not visible. A well-organized room not only looks better, but it’s also very helpful on those busy mornings. There are many fun hooks that children can use to hang outfits for the next day.

3. Rest Easy With Fresh Bedding

Updating bedding and throw pillows is an easy way to give any bedroom a new look. We prefer subtle patterns and textured pillows. Toys come in bold colors so consider using toned down colors for bedding. Parents often buy themed bedding but white bedding is perfectly suitable for a kid’s room. Let the rest of the decor determine the theme of the room. Not everything has to be theme oriented.

4. Change up the Wall Decor

Changing the wall decor can make a drastic change in any space. Try using different updated art, adding an accent wall or, to create the illusion of more space, add a beautiful mirror that’s also useful.

5. Little Changes Can Make a Big Difference

Updating a child’s room doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive. If you’re not ready to re-paint or buy new furniture, that’s OK. There are plenty of other ways to modify a child’s room: update light fixtures or lamps, find a fun new light switch, add a cozy accent chair, change out the rug, or choose new window coverings. If you’d like personalized support with updating your child’s bedroom, please contact Niche Homes Studio, our team would love to help you.

Polina Hullinger is an Interior Designer with Niche Homes Studio. Follow Niche Homes Studio on Instagram for more inspiration.

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