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The Value in a Home Warranty

By April 29, 2020Design Advice

If you’re like most people, you may be wondering what a home warranty can really do for you. Should you have one? What about renewing it when it expires? If you do have one, are you utilizing all it has to offer? We enlisted the help of our colleague Jason Cook from SilverBack Home Warranty to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the value in a home warranty.

Why a New Buyer Needs a Home Warranty

Simply put, when a person moves into a new home, they have no knowledge about the history or reliability of the appliances and systems on their property. Having a warranty on a newly-purchased home gives a buyer peace of mind that if something unforeseen happens it is taken care of.

Unexpected Repairs Can Be Financially Devastating 

Knowing that the cost of repair is covered can be a huge stress reliever when issues arise. Jason explains that multiple small repairs ranging from a clogged pipe, stopped-up drain, broken washing machine or dishwasher can add up to a big financial burden. And on the heels of the purchase of a new home, this kind of financial stress may be devastating. 

Appliances May Perform Just Fine During a Home Inspection

Most likely there will be some variation in appliance or system performance between when a home inspection happens and the months following. For instance, there may be just enough freon in the AC unit for it to start, but not enough to cool the house during the first hot summer. Having a warranty provides clients with a cushion when unforeseen issues like these arise.

What about a Listing Warranty?

Selling a home can be an emotionally and often financially difficult time. With a warranty in place during the listing period, there can be protection against any unfortunate break downs.  SilverBack Home Warranty provides sellers with a free listing warranty during the listing period for up to six months.

What are Frequent Home Warranty Claims?

According to SilverBack Home Warranty, the furnace and air conditioning unit are their top service requests.  They also provide a rekey service, which is their third most popular service request.

Jason Cook’s


For Buyers

We really recommend you get an inspection from a reputable inspector. This report will provide a detailed overview of nearly every important item’s condition in the home and give you insights into future expenses.  The more questions you ask, the more you will understand the life cycle of the roof, appliances, electrical etc.  Depending on the age of the home, you might want to pay the additional fee for the inspector to give you more in depth insights in the sewer, termite, mold, or HVAC health.  Review your buyer policy after moving in and be sure to visit our website or call 833-750-6400 if you have any questions about what your plan covers.

For Sellers

We recommend you get listing coverage during the listing period. It also helps ensure your policy transfers to the buyers.  Any item we may service during the listing period is not covered by a new buyer policy from a different warranty company. This is why a transfer provides the greatest protection when the new buyer moves in.

Many thanks to Jason Cook for advising us on this blog. We admire SilverBack’s integrity and their investment in our community. They are proud sponsors of local school events, children’s sporting events, education, and the support and care of children. If you have any questions about a home warranty, or are looking for a community sponsor, email them at or call 833-750-6400.

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