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Should I Move to Salt Lake City? 10 Reasons Why “This Is the Place”

Salt Lake City offers unparalleled outdoor access, job opportunities galore and so much more. Here are 10 reasons that our fair city may be right for you:

10. The International Airport

Salt Lake City’s newly-remodeled international airport officially opens in September 2020. This state of the art facility offers over 370 daily departures to 99 non-stops destinations. The airport is just minutes from downtown and accessible by public transportation. Traveling to and from Salt Lake City couldn’t be easier.

9. Job Opportunities 

Salt Lake City and the surrounding communities have been dubbed “Silicon Slopes” for the major tech boom that has happened here over the past decade. Other industries, such as tourism, healthcare, and manufacturing also offer plenty of employment opportunities along the Wasatch Front.

8. Arts and Culture 

With a spectacular Broadway theatre, a highly-acclaimed ballet company, and the Utah Symphony and Opera, Salt Lake City boasts an impressive amount of artistry. And, for film lovers, the Sundance Film Festival gets downtown buzzing every winter.  

7. Strong Sense of Community

To put it simply, Salt Lakers are nice people. We have the highest rate of volunteerism in the nation and a penchant for emergency preparedness. A variety of music, arts, and cultural festivals fill Washington Square in the warm months. And a plethora of activities for all ages are within reach of any Salt Lake neighborhood. Niche Homes is passionate about supporting the community and hosts a few fun events throughout the year.

6. Food and Nightlife Scene

One of the biggest surprises awaiting foodies is the quality and diversity of dining options. From authentic Mexican cuisine at the Red Iguana to award-winning Freshie’s lobster rolls, there is something for every taste and budget. We also have a high concentration of award winning breweries and distilleries. The drinking laws have a reputation for being more complex than in other places, but it’s really not that hard to get a great cocktail or beer.

5. Sports

The beloved Utah Jazz have the most devoted (and loudest) fans in the nation. Real Salt Lake and the Utah Royals, our Major League Soccer teams, play at the Rio Tinto Stadium. And we have Minor League teams, too. The Salt Lake Bees, who play at the spectacular Smith’s Ballpark, is the farm team for the California Angels. We have a mid-level professional hockey team, The Grizzlies. The University of Utah has a PAC-12 football team, as well as impressive basketball, gymnastics, and other collegiate programs. Bonus — tickets to these events are much more affordable than for major league sports!

4. Housing market is strong

The population of SLC is  projected to grow rapidly over the next thirty years to exceed 5 million by 2050. Now is the right time to move here. The Niche Homes team has put together a neighborhoods page with highlights and a photo tour of each neighborhood in the valley to help you find the area that’s best for you. View current listings here.

3. All four seasons

Maybe lounging in a pool on a hot summer day is your idea of perfection. Or spending the morning gardening among spring blossoms. Yearning for a drive through the autumn leaves or dreaming of a white Christmas? Salt Lake City has it all. We experience each of the four distinct seasons.

2. The Great Outdoors

With five National Parks in our great state and over a dozen ski resorts within a small radius, SLC is the ultimate home-base for outdoor enthusiasts. The mountains are an integral part of life for most Salt Lakers, providing a reprieve from the heat in the summer and endless options for recreating in the winter.

1. Overall quality of life 

There are many reasons that Salt Lake City ranks high on all the quality of life lists. It is an extremely family-friendly city, with lots of choices for education and endless kid-friendly activities. Young professionals are always happily surprised by the job opportunities, strong housing market, and our vibrant downtown. Truly unparalleled access to nature, a healthy population, and an impressive arts community make Salt Lake City a wonderful place to live for people of all ages.

We’re Here to Answer Your Questions

We’d love to answer any questions you have and show off some of Salt Lake’s amazing sites and neighborhoods. Start looking around on our Salt Lake neighborhoods page. Then reach out to us for a pressure-free tour!

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