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Ogden has a colorful past; rich with fur traders, trains, and bootleggers. A stroll down Historic 25th Street will take you past buildings that echo the Wild West. The stately Union Pacific Station sits at the west end of the famed street. Built in the Spanish Colonial Revival style, the station reminds visitors that Ogden was once a major railroad hub, serving nine rail companies during the Golden Age of the Railroad. The trains delivered people from around the world to this Utah locale, and with the crowds came a variety of vices; gambling and bootlegging to name just two. Ogden has been called “Salt Lake’s devious little sister” and legend has it that notorious mobster Al Capone said it was “too rough” even for him.

Not what you would expect in straight-laced Utah? Perhaps. And Ogden is still full of surprises. While much has changed over the last century, the city has maintained its dynamic and gritty persona. Its future is vibrant and full of promise thanks to the individuals who call this rapidly growing city home.

Part of Ogden’s growth can be attributed to Weber State University. Offering more than 225 degree programs, the Wildcats have over 29,000 students. U.S. News and World Report recognized Weber State for its engineering and nursing programs as being top in the nation. This campus produces more registered nurses than any other Utah institution. They also have a unique two year degree program to address the nursing shortage. Another local educational opportunity is Ogden Technical College, with over 30 employment categories for certification along with a 94% rate of job placement.

Ogden’s growth is also related to the ever-present jet noise, also known as “The Sound Of Freedom.” In 2015, Hill Air Force Base received the first F-35As, becoming the “first combat coded units to fly and maintain the Air Force’s fifth generation fighter aircraft.” Consequently, Hill Air Force Base is the largest employer for this area, and the sixth largest employer in the state for civilians. In addition to aerospace and defense, nutrition manufacturers and life sciences are just a few of the many career fields driving the expansion of Ogden.

According to the Weber Chamber of Commerce, Ogden is not only the largest city in Weber county but the second largest metropolitan area in Utah. Ogden’s population boom is also attributed to its proximity to skiing, mountain biking, ice climbing, skating, tubing, and the list goes on. Between Ogden’s affordability, proximity to mountain recreation, and overall quality of life it’s easy to see how Ogden has been coined “the heart of Weber County.” Additional accolades for being among the “25 Most Beautiful Main Streets in America” and “the ultimate ski town you don’t know about yet”.

Ogden is a place with endless paths to explore. Perhaps you’ll decide it’s the right place to set up your permanent adventure base. If so, contact us for more information and visit our Ogden page to view current listings.

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