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Niche Homes Top Posts Spring 2020

By May 27, 2020March 23rd, 2023Most Viewed

Today we are sharing some of Niche Homes top posts over the last six months. We hope you enjoy reading or re-reading some of our fan favorites. Please let us know if there was a story you particularly liked in 2019-2020 that maybe didn’t make our list. And we always welcome feedback on what you’d like to see more of: home tours, interior design, market information, neighborhood stories, Salt Lake lifestyle features, or anything else that’s on your mind.

#10 Air Quality in Salt Lake

The Wasatch Mountains are a significant draw to Salt Lake, but also part of our valley’s air-quality problems. Simple facts on Salt Lake inversions and an interview with Salt Lake Mayor Erin Mendenhall.

#9 Buy, Remodel or Rebuild

This 2018 Yalecrest Homes article continues to have a lot of traction. We delve into the question everyone is asking: what to do when you need more room and you can’t decide whether to buy, remodel or rebuild?

#8 Eclair French Pastry

We interview Angela and Mondher of Eclair French Bakery, Yalecrest’s latest culinary addition. Find out the difference between a French and American eclair, and why they use only the freshest ingredients. (Hint: it has something to do with Tunisia.)

#7 Second-Floor Selections

Interior designer Kayley Danielson shares our second-floor selections for a historic home.

#6 Navigating School Choice in Salt Lake City

Another 2018 top-post repeat. We interview a handful of families about their experience with Salt Lake’s private and public schools. Read the opinions of a diverse set of voices.

#5 Interview with Modernist Ron Molen

Read Molen’s advice for living a creative life from our 2018 interview. Be inspired by his activism and commitment to art and justice.

#4 Meet Artist Holli Yoho

Meet Niche Homes artist-in-residence Holli Yoho in her Highland Park home. She is as warm, genuine and thoughtful as the art she creates.

#3 Salt Lake Home Architectural Styles

Kayley Danielson’s guide to Salt Lake home architectural styles by neighborhood. A cheat sheet for buying, building or remodeling a home in Salt Lake City.

#2 What Every Salt Lake Homeowner Should Know About Earthquakes

Eighty-five percent of homes in Salt Lake City are susceptible to significant images in the event of an earthquake. Here is what every Salt Lake City homeowners needs to know to prepare their home.

#1 Impact of COVID-19 on Real Estate Market

An exploration of local market forces, what is happening in China, and potential impacts of COVID-19 on the Salt Lake real estate market.

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