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Niche Homes Top Blog Posts 2020

By January 6, 2021November 11th, 2022Most Viewed

We rounded up the top-rated Niche Homes blog posts for 2020. Our year-end list includes topics ranging from paint selection to earthquake survival. Not surprisingly, many of these articles are COVID themed, and it is intriguing to look back at what caught our attention—and fancy—in 2020.

  1. Meet Artist Holli Yoho

Meet Niche Homes partner artist, Holli Yoho, in her Highland Park home. She is as warm, genuine and thoughtful as the art she creates.

  1. Intentional Design: How to Invest in and Set Up a Home Office in Any Room

Remote working is here to stay! Interior designer Kayley Danielson walks us through how to set up a functional home office in any room.

  1. Interview with Modernist Ron Molen, 89

This blog has been in the top ten since published in August of 2018. It is one of our personal favorites, and one or two or our most memorable interviews ever (the other being with our favorite centenarians, Phyllis). If you haven’t read it yet, today is your day. An advocate and artist, his words on living a creative life are powerful and timeless.

  1. Air Quality in Salt Lake Valley

An informative and concise explanation of our valley’s air-quality issues and how our small behavioral changes can lead to big improvements. If you love our city and and care about the health of our citizens, you should take action.

  1. What Every Salt Lake Homeowner Should Know About Earthquakes

This oldie but goodie saw some renewed and well-deserved attention after March’s tremors. Learn how to prepare the structure of your home for the next big one and the ins and outs of earthquake insurance. It is timely advice from Divya Chandrasekhar, an Assistant Professor in City and Metropolitan Planning at the University of Utah, who specializes in community disaster recovery.

  1. Salt Lake Home Architectural Styles

Impress friends and acquaintances when describing homes you notice around the valley. This comprehensive article gives you the vocabulary to pinpoint architectural style by neighborhood and where you are most likely to find other similar homes. A top ten since 2019.

  1. Kayley Danielson’s Tried-and-True Paint Colors

Clean, newly painted walls can instantly breathe new life into a home. Kayley Danielson shares her favorite fail-proof Benjamin Moore paint colors and paint-finish guide.

  1. 20 Ideas for Social Distancing Summer (and Winter!) Fun in Salt Lake

Six months ago feels more like a decade ago right now. But our summer fun plans are surprisingly relevant for the winter months. If you are twiddling your thumbs or dealing with cabin fever, these suggestions for in-person and online activities are just the answer.

  1. Before You Move to Salt Lake City, You Need to Know These 10 Things

What kind of surprising questions have you received about living in Salt Lake City? If you are like us, you’ve had some doozies! Here is our reply to some of the most common questions. How do they measure up to yours? 

  1. Impact of COVID-10 on Salt Lake Real Estate Market

The breakout hit of the year. What is remarkable is the accuracy of our projections on March 18th. We were hoping that home prices would optimistically stay flat, and expected a slight price drop. No way could we have foreseen the influx of new residents and a 10% home-price increase. This article is worth reading again, if only to shake your head and gape at our COVID innocence nine-months ago.

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