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Meet Designer & Creator Alison Jacobsen of Shopfluff

By September 22, 2020November 11th, 2022Meet Your Neighbors, Neighborhood Features

Alison Jacobsen has been a crafter and creator for as long as she can remember. Since 2011, her Etsy shop, Shopfluff, has garnered thousands of followers and sells hundreds of custom paper-party products each year. Alison is also one of Niche Homes interior designers and stagers. She adeptly balances the heavy demands of raising four young children, running her own business, and staging several homes a month. When asked why, and how, she does it all, she doesn’t miss a beat replying. “Because I love it, It reminds me of who I am, who I always have been. That I’m not just a mom—I’m Alison.”


Today we are following Alison as she installs her most popular product, a set of bat wall hangings. She carefully surveys the interior of her clients’ already well-decorated home and selects a corner with a large basket of chunky-knit blankets. She effortlessly sets them: the large bats leading the way, then medium ones scattering upwards and finally the smallest clustered around the basket and trickling to the ceiling. She does it in minutes, and makes it look suspiciously easy. After the dining room, she heads upstairs to a child’s room to add a subtle touch of no-scare Halloween fun.

Alison says there really isn’t a right or a wrong way to hang her Shopfluff bats. In fact, she says more than once, “I love how creative people get.” She’s seen customers hang them on lights, around TVs, and streaming in through the front door. It brings her a great deal of delight seeing others’ creativity at work with her own.


All of Shopfluff products have personal and meaningful origins for Alison and her family. Her bats are what she likes to call, “the invention of frugality.” Her husband was working as a patient tech, and they were short on money. “All I had was black paper to decorate with for Halloween. I thought, wouldn’t it be fun to have bats coming out of the piano.” Alison turned the paper into bats of all sizes and strewed them across her wall. 

Her popular Daniel Tiger Trolley products are a nod to her oldest daughter’s love of the show when she was a toddler. The squirrel banner is a tribute to Nutsy, their resident backyard, fluffy-tailed neighbor. A Potterhead at heart, her Harry-Potter themed banners speak to her love of all things magical. And her train banner reminds her of her family’s collective love of trains. “There are days when the whole front room will be full of trains and the entire family is putting tracks together. On those days, I’ll put up the train banners, and it feels like we’ve made an event of it.”


Over the last year, Shopfluff’s sales have gone through the roof. Alison now employs her father, her niece and is considering bringing on others to meet the shop’s demand. All her products allow for some customization and meet the highest quality standards. And the best part: they hardly take up any storage space. They can be stored flat and are easy to save for years to come.

 Here is a list of Shopfluff’s top-selling products. You would be remiss to pass up on purchasing at least one of these whimsical holiday or party supplies.

No. 1 Bats

Shopfluff has sold 831 bat kits year-to-date and is now selling about 90 per day. This set includes 30 cutouts of black bats to easily decorate for Halloween. Alison recommends lightly creasing the wings on either side of the bat’s abdomen to raise the wings away from the wall when hanging. This creates great shadows, enhancing your Halloween decor. You can also create your own bat chandelier by punching a small hole in the top of the bat and stringing a thread through and attaching to a light fixture. Order now to enjoy through the month of October!

No. 2 Happy Christmas Banner

The best way to wish your Wizard and Muggle friends alike the warmest Christmas. This magical font is the perfect match for a Potter-themed tree or fireplace. Pottery Barn sold a similar version in the past, and when it was discontinued, customers flocked to Alison’s version.

Enough customers requested the same style with customized, “Merry Christmas” last year. Look for this option coming soon.

No. 3 Daniel Tiger Trolley Banner & Party Products

When Alison couldn’t find tasteful Daniel Tiger party products for her daughter’s birthday party, she took matters into her own hands. Little did she know, she had stumbled into an untapped market. Today, her Daniel Tiger products comprise her top 3rd-9th products and include multiple garlands, confetti and cards.

No. 4 Train Garland

The perfect addition to a birthday party, Christmas decor, baby shower or room decor. This garland is a fantastic way to emphasize a train theme for any party. It is designed to represent the continuing trains moving along tracks. Standard black, but available in any color. 

No. 5 Squirrel Garland

A delightful way to decorate for Fall, Autumn or a woodland creature birthday party or shower. This garland is single layer and perfect to be hung over a refreshment table at a party, on your mantle, on the wall of a dorm room, or in a window to be enjoyed from both sides. 

No. 6 Harry Potter Banners

For the Potterheads in your life. This magical font is the perfect match for a Potter-themed party, fireplace or wall. Let phrases like, “Levgardium Leviosa,” “Welcome Muggles,” and “Expecto Patronum” adorn any space. Available in shimmer gold, deep shimmer red, shimmer navy blue, shimmer black or shimmer silver cardstock and strung on bakers twine. More custom colors on request.

No. 7 Playing Cards Banner and Confetti

What began as an Alice in Wonderland theme quickly became a favorite for New Year, casino nights and bachelorette parties. This garland features clubs, hearts, spades and diamonds strung a pattern and sewn to be hung vertically.  Available in more colors on custom request. Popular in shimmer gold and pink for ladies nights.

Alison Jacobsen

Interior Design & Client Services
Smart as a whip and creative as all get out, Alison Jacobsen may have operated a Cricut machine before she took her first steps. She has been mastering the art of gifting and crafting for years and holds a BS from BYU in home and family living with an emphasis in interior design. When she’s not taking care of her four young children or running a successful Etsy shop, she’s packaging delightful client gifts and putting the final touches on our home staging. In her sometimes hard-to-find spare moments she runs, paddle boards and savors days on the lake with her family.Alison Jacobsen

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