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By June 27, 2017November 11th, 2022Neighborhood Features

Seen these faces lately? If you haven’t, you better book it to the Anderson-Foothill Library faster than you can say, “Build-A-Better-World-Super-Summer-Challenge.”

Paul Musser, Manager, and Hannah Henrikson, Children’s Associate Librarian, are longtime veterans at the Anderson-Foothill Library. Five times a week, all year round they entertain babies, toddlers, and caregivers during their wildly popular Storytime hour.

Recently Paul and Hannah have been out in force promoting the City Library’s Summer Challenge for toddlers, kids, teens and adults. Your child may have come home with one of their pamphlets, or urged you to take them to the library to get their own library card after seeing them at school.

If you’ve been hesitating, or if this is the first time you’ve heard about it, don’t delay! In it’s 25th year, this summer’s program runs June 1st through August 12th and gives children and adults alike the opportunity to win prizes through reading and completing healthy, introspective or socially-conscious activities.

“Not everyone likes to read,” Hannah explains, “so we developed a program that encourages children to participate regardless of their interests. Activities encourage kids to turn off their screens, get outside, try new things, help someone else and think about the world around them.”

This year’s theme, “Build a Better World,” is part of a nationwide program developed by the American Library Association. As Hannah says, “Participants are literally and figuratively building a better world as they complete each task.”

In addition to the Summer Challenge, there are library-specific events that tie into the “Build a Better World” theme. Some of Paul and Hannah’s favorites: Candy Construction, Zumba (for kids and caregivers), and the upcoming Worldstock Day on July 29th. “It’s going to be great,” Paul exclaims, “music, art, the DrumBus — a fun celebration of our world’s cultures.”

“We also have our very own stuffed-animal stowaway, Mortimer,” Paul continues.”Families can check Mortimer the turtle out and take him on their adventures. Photos of his adventures will be shared with the library and put into a slideshow at the end of the summer.”  Mortimer’s 2017 summer adventures will premiere at the .

Thank you Paul, Hannah, and all the staff (including some local Teen Squad volunteers) at the Anderson-Foothill Library for enriching the lives of your patrons and strengthening the community at large. As Albert Einstein aptly stated, “The only thing that you absolutely need to know is the location of the library.”

For more information on this year’s Summer Challenge, click here.

For a list of Salt Lake City Library events, click here, or pick up your monthly calendar at the Anderson-Foothill Library. You may also view library events and other local activities, on our very own Yalecrest Homes Calendar.