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Laird Drive Home Tour

By November 8, 2018November 11th, 2022Local Home Tours, Meet Your Neighbors

Architect: Sugarhouse Architects LLC
Contractor: Northstar Builders, Inc.
Designer: Emily Foxley
Photography: Sara Bateman


Sunshine streams through a south wall of patio windows, casting long shadows on the floor. A chihuahua, blanketed between the sun and the oak floors, disappears into the soft amber of the afternoon; her companion in the glow, a white cat folded like an afghan next to the couch, settles into the depth of his wicker basket.

It is as peaceful a moment in a family home as one can imagine. Even with the intermittent squeals and bumps from the second story bedroom (napping is more peaceful among the four-legged set), there is a serenity that settles over the afternoon.

Beth Jasper sits unflustered on the couch. It has been a whirlwind morning: a mixup on the day we were coming to take photos. She is remarkably elegant and poised under the circumstances; which, if you know Beth, shouldn’t surprise you.

This moment of calm feels well deserved and a long time in coming. Beth and her husband, Danny, moved from Los Angeles to Salt Lake City in 2016. A job transfer meant saying goodbye to family and selling a ranch-style home they had just finished meticulously remodeling.

“It was our first big home project, and a place where we thought we would live for the next ten years and raise our family,” Beth shares, “And then we had to walk away.”

Little did Beth and Danny know another surprise lay waiting for them in Salt Lake City. A couple of months after their move, they discovered they were expecting twins. “I would definitely say that the lowlight of the whole construction process was living with three young kids and four pets in a 1,000 square foot rental,” Beth laughs good naturedly.

As with most construction processes, this one had its share of hitches. The home is technically a remodel; the original plan was to add a second story and leave the basement for later. When structural and foundation issues arose, the Jaspers were forced to replace the basement altogether. In hindsight, they wish they would have rebuilt; but you know what they say about hindsight.

Beth offers this advice in retrospect, “We should have been more realistic with the timeline and budget and given more thought to our well being in the moment.”

Hitches aside, the Jaspers are thrilled with their new home and living in the Yalecrest neighborhood. Beth and Danny are very appreciative of Phil Winston and Northstar Builders for their vision and execution of the project, particularly project manager Tim Gannuscio. She credits the fine eye of designer Emily Foxley who helped design the kitchen, bathrooms, select finishes and furnish the home. “Working with Emily, and making all the selections, was definitely the best part of the whole process.”

When asked what she loves most about the home, Beth quickly answers, “The windows. When they were drawing the exterior I remember saying I wanted big windows; I didn’t realize how big they would be. And I love them.”

Let the sun stream in, Jaspers. Let the sun stream in.




Cabinetry by Artisan Woodwork, painted Farrow and Ball Cornforth White

Calcutta Umber Marble backsplash with White Quartz surround and counters, installed by Accent Interiors

Hardware by Restoration Hardware and Top Knobs

Artesso Bridge Faucet by Brizo

Sink pendant lighting by Restoration Hardware

Island pendant lighting by Visual Comfort & Co


Fish scale tile by MSI Tile

Montreal Widespread faucet by Hansgrohe


Black hex tile by The Builder Depot

Black vanity light by Shades of Light

Master Bath

Rachel Freestanding tub by Wyndham Collection

Pendant light by Visual Comfort & Co

Front Porch

Hardware by Emtek

Porch light by Visual Comfort & Co


White oak floors with Bona birch finish

Windows by Pella

Appliances by Thermador

Brick paint a custom white

Front door painted Benjamin Moore Hale Navy