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Kayley Danielson’s Tried-and-True Paint Colors

By May 28, 2020December 7th, 2023Design Advice, Niche Homes Studio Features

Clean, newly painted walls can instantly breathe life into your home. However, heading to the paint store to look at color options can be overwhelming. Over the years, I have developed a list of tried-and-true paint colors that I hope will give you some fail-proof inspiration. 

Tried-and-True Paint Colors

Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore

A bright, true white, perfect for trim, crown molding, doors and cabinets.

Simply White by Benjamin Moore

A softer white, great for white walls, shiplap, trim and cabinetry.

Pale Oak by Benjamin Moore

A beautiful french gray with just enough pigment to show a contrast with Chantilly Lace Trim. 

Gray Owl by Benjamin Moore 

Flawless cool gray, perfect for walls in almost any room. 

Edgecomb Gray by Benjamin Moore

A soft tan without any funny undertones. A great option for walls when you just “aren’t a gray person.”

Silver Marlin by Benjamin Moore

Spa like blue-green, wonderful for a serene feel.

Coventry Gray by Benjamin Moore 

A medium gray that makes for a pretty bathroom vanity or a cool contrast with white trim. 

Oil Cloth by Benjamin Moore

A fun, muted olive green, great for cabinetry or for a room you want to feel a bit moody. 

Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore

Navy Blue at its best, great for cabinetry.

Selecting a Paint Finish

Selecting paint finish and paint type is as important as selecting the correct color. High quality paint is more pigmented and has better coverage. 

For interior walls, I suggest Benjamin Moore Regal and Sherwin Williams Emerald. If you love the look of crisp white walls but are concerned about how it will wear over time, consider Scuff-X distributed by Benjamin Moore. This hotel grade paint is expensive but will hold up to the busiest household in the most high-traffic areas. For cabinetry, furniture or exterior paint it is important to consult the manufacturer to select the appropriate paint for the project; formulas are specific to end use. 

Paint finish is straightforward once you have determined which color will go where. It is important to use the correct finish for wear and clean-ability. You should order the paint in the appropriate finish for the location, even if you are using the same color for a different purpose elsewhere. 

For example, if you are planning to paint your walls and trim Benjamin Moore Simply White, you will need to order Simply White Eggshell for the Walls and Simply White Semi Gloss for the wall base and window trim. Not only does the trim need the higher gloss finish to hold up to things like the vacuum, the slight contrast in trim will give you a more polished, higher end look. 

Happy Painting!

Kayley Danielson is Niche Homes in-house interior designer. Read more of Kayley’s design advice or follow her on Instagram.

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