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Bathroom Design Trends

By March 10, 2021December 7th, 2023Design Advice, Niche Homes Studio Features

Along with a kitchen remodel, a bathroom remodel can most improve your quality of life and home value. And while bathrooms are smaller than kitchens, the amount of decisions that need to be made during a bathroom remodel can be just as complex. The bathroom trends of 2021 are all in the little details: elevating the shapes and textures of every finish. The key to classic and timeless design is to have one or two details play the starring role, and allow other features to support it. Twenty twenty-one bathroom trends are similar to 2021 kitchen trends. Warm and organic is coming into the spotlight, giving bathrooms an earthy, spa feel. Marble and brass are still both current and ageless. Twenty twenty-one is also a great time to experiment with architectural detailing and technology in the bathroom. 


Speaking of technology, there are countless opportunities to introduce technology to your bathroom remodel in 2021. Some ideas gaining popularity are LED light therapy in showers, LED lights have potential skin and mood boosting benefits. Or even better, a dedicated infrared sauna in a master bathroom elevates the spa experience and has potential benefits such as better sleep, detoxification, relief from sore muscles and improved circulation.

Photo Sauna & Shower

A toilet is probably one of the most utilitarian fixtures in your home. But did you know you can add technology to your toilet? Toto has long been held in high regard for their innovative bathroom fixture technology. Their Neorest toilet series costs can exceed $17,000 for all the bells and whistles. You are paying for cutting edge cleaning technology including ultraviolet light that will kill even microscopic waste particles. If the Neorest price tag is too high, Toto makes an electronic seat that can be attached to a standard size toilet that offers a heat and a bidet feature.

Photo Toto


Tiles with unique attributes add interest and texture to a bathroom. Glazed tiles can offer a handmade touch. The variation in color from tile to tile adds subtle visual interest. A designer favorite is Bedrosian’s Cloe tiles for their beauty and affordability.

Photo Kayley Danielson design/Marie Jefferies photographer

Playing with grout lines can give your installation an organic hand-laid look. I love these installations that use a wider grout spacer for the horizontal line. To achieve this look an installer needs to install a support board under each row that remains in place until the mortar is dry. It is more labor intensive, but the end result is super chic.

Photo Clé

Photo Bigger Than the Three of Us 

A standard rectangle- and square-tile shape have lasting appeal. However, there has been a surge in the popularity of irregular shapes such as a scallop, picket or triangle. One of my favorites shapes in the interlocking H shape in Fireclay Tile’s Chaine Hommes pattern.

Photo Fire Clay

Photo Fire Clay

Photo Fire Clay

Photo Fire Clay


If jewel-tone kitchen cabinets feel like too big of a commitment, a jewel-toned bathroom vanity may be just right. I love how this vanity at our Princeton remodel turned out in Farrow and Ball Inchyra Blue No 289.

Photo Kayley Danielson design/Marie Jefferies photographer

Red is my favorite color and it hasn’t received as much attention as green and blue lately. Twenty twenty-one is the year to try an unexpected bold lipstick red vanity like in this image by Robin Gannon.

Photo Robin Gannon

Stained-wood cabinetry in bathrooms is showing just as much popularity as it is in kitchens. I love the warmth and richness a stained vanity brings to a bathroom.

Photo Kayley Danielson design/Marie Jefferies photographer

Special detailing in a wood vanity can elevate the design to the next level. Adding reeding or fluting screams luxury and is a 2021 bathroom trend that is hard to resist.


In 2021, designers are making a point to add interesting architectural detailing to bathrooms. Arches and beams build sophisticated spaces and become the stars in these bathrooms. If you don’t have the ceiling height to add beams or vault a ceiling, I recommend building an arched soffit over the vanity or an arched opening to your shower.

Photo Decor Pad

Photo Beach Pretty

Photo Anthology Creative Studio

Bathroom trends are all in the details for 2021. But there is no need to pack all of these details into one small space. Pick your favorite one or two and let the rest be a neutral, soft background for these special attributes. Start and end your day in a space where every detail is well thought out and presented.

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