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Highland Park Photo Tour

Welcome to Highland Park! Located in South Salt Lake, nestled between Sugarhouse Park and Millcreek, this special little enclave is simply a gem. There is a magnetic attraction that draws folks from all over and keeps residents loyal to the end. It has what has been described as the “boomerang effect”—those who move out for one reason or another find themselves coming right back. Why? Highland Park, which is perhaps more of an idea than an established boundary, has a charm all its own. 

Tucked into its cozy tree-lined streets are some of the prettiest homes around— a conglomeration of architectural styles that, while unique, are unified in charm. These neighborhoods hearken back to an era where children ran through the streets with pogo sticks and handfuls of marbles, and folks would look out for each other because they cared. 

In other good news, this family-friendly neighborhood has a lower cost of living than other Salt Lake City neighborhoods. Plus commuters to the University of Utah and downtown can expect a short drive or ride to work. And let’s not forget its residents—some of the kindest, most welcoming folks around. We’ll warn you now—if you move here, you may never want to leave!

Looking for recommendations for what to do while you are in Highland Park? Read our How To Spend a Day in Highland Park. Interested in buying a home in Highland Park? Contact us or find property information and current listings on our Highland Park neighborhood page.

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