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#gratefulyalecrest 2017

By November 22, 2017November 11th, 2022Neighborhood Features

This week marks our second annual #gratefulyalecrest campaign, and every year our gratitude list gets longer! Here is our top-ten list for 2017.

At the top of our list is our neighborhood’s proximity to outstanding public and private schools. We are most grateful for the teachers and volunteers who consistently go above and beyond to nurture and care for our children. It takes a village; and we couldn’t think of a better one to raise our children!

Located in the heart of our neighborhood, Miller Park it is one of the largest urban forests and bird refuges in the state. Walk around the block and feel like you are in the thick of the mountains.’

Storytime! Art and Maker classes! Dog Day Afternoons! Science Saturday! Poetry Club! Teen Advisory Board! We are grateful for the Anderson-Foothill Library, especially Paul Musser, Hannah Henrikson and the staff that make it the friendliest, funnest place to read (or not read) a book.

Jolley’s has been a neighborhood hangout since 1954 and another reason we are #gratefulyalecrest. Grab a gift (or something for yourself), fill your prescription, get your dirty Diet Coke fix, or send your kids there when you need them out of your hair! It’s hands-down the best place around to get a snow cone, chat with a friend, and escape from reality for a minute or two.

We love Jared, Heather and all the staff at Eggs in the City just as much as we love their food! We are over-the-moon #gratefulyalecrest they are part of our neighborhood.

How many Salt Lakers can walk to their neighborhood grocer—and not just any grocer, arguably one of the best in the state? We can! And we are #gratefulyalecrest for Harmon’s Emigration Market, their fine food and even finer employees: Peggy, the store’s foodie guru; Cory, the finest butcher in the city; Aaron, Brent and Kimball, produce geniuses; Rae, supportive store manager; and cashiers, like Amy, who know your name and even some of your pet’s names.

We love Laird Park, and not just for its loads of diggers and shady grounds, but for the many soccer practices, night games and community events held on its fields: Halloween Carnivals, Easter Egg Hunts, and Movie Nights. We are #gratefulyalecrest for the one-and-only Laird Park—the heart of our neighborhood!

Historic charm sets our neighborhood apart from other walkable neighborhoods popping up on the outskirts of Salt Lake county. Yalecrest’s first homes were built in the early 20th century and boomed in the 1930s and 40s. Stroll around the historic streets of our neighborhood to discover Mission and Prairie, Arts and Crafts Bungalow, Cottage Revival, and Cottage English Tudor design.

We are #gratefulyalecrest for the old-growth sycamores, maples, lindens and oaks that canopy our neighborhood: they shade us in the summer, illuminate our autumns and glisten under the snow of winter.

And finally, our thanks wouldn’t be complete without honoring the people of our community: those we serve with, those who have served us, and those whom we have been honored to serve. Your gifts of kindness, wisdom, wit, hard work, braveness, openness, trust and good humor inspire us and make us joyful. You are what makes us the most #gratefulyalecrest!

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