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Ask Before You Sign

Questions and Considerations for Selecting Your Real Estate Agent

There are thousands of real estate agents currently working in Utah and most people have connections to a few of them. While it would be convenient to call an acquaintance and pay them to work with you, we advise making this important decision very thoughtfully.

A highly-qualified agent will guide through the complex real estate landscape and partner with you in a transaction that will have a lifelong impact. Here are some questions to consider when making this important decision.

1. Experience and Expertise

Starting off with the basics, inquire about the agent’s experience in the industry. How long have they been practicing real estate? Do they have specific expertise in the type of property or transaction you’re considering? Maybe you are looking for a fixer upper and an agent who has experience in remodeling homes will be a natural at identifying a good property with maximum equity gain potential. Do they have connections with seasoned tradesmen to bring the property back to life? If you’re planning to build a home, does the agent know their way around a builder’s contract and HOA’s fine print? Each member of the Niche Homes team has their own niche, learn more about our specialties here.

2. Market Knowledge

A successful Realtor is well-versed in the local market. What can they tell you about recent sales in the area, market trends, and neighborhood dynamics? A Realtor with comprehensive market knowledge can provide you with a competitive advantage, helping you make informed decisions regarding property values and investment potential.

3. References and Past Clients:

Request a list of references or past clients who can vouch for the Realtor’s services. Speaking with people who have worked with the agent gives you a glimpse into their working style, communication skills, and overall satisfaction of their clients. Request information on their recent successful transactions. An agent with a proven track record of closing deals demonstrates their ability to navigate challenges and deliver positive results.

4. Communication Style

Clear communication is crucial in any real estate transaction. Ask about their preferred communication channels, how often they will update you, and their availability during the process. A Realtor who is responsive and keeps you informed every step of the way will make the entire experience smoother.

5. Negotiation Skills

The art of negotiation is a critical skill for a successful Realtor. Inquire about their negotiation strategy and past experiences. Their number one goal is to protect your finances and negotiation skills must be present to do so.

6. Fees and Contracts

Be transparent about fees and commissions. Understand how the Realtor’s payment structure works and what services are included. Additionally, carefully review the terms of the contract, ensuring you are comfortable with the agreement before proceeding.

7. Marketing Plan

If you’re selling a property, ask about their marketing plan. A proactive Realtor should have a clear strategy to showcase your property effectively, utilizing online platforms, professional photography, and any other relevant marketing tools.

We pride ourselves on presenting every listing with premier marketing, including professional staging, high-quality photography, and a custom web page. 

8. Local Network and Connections

A well-connected Realtor is a valuable asset. Inquire about their network of professionals, including mortgage brokers, inspectors, and contractors. Having a realtor with a robust network can simplify the process and lead to a more seamless transaction. When working with a Niche Homes Realtor you benefit from the support of our dynamic team that competently handles every aspect of your transaction.

9. Potential Challenges

No real estate transaction is without its challenges. Ask your Realtor about potential hurdles they foresee in your specific situation and how they plan to address them.

10. Continuing Education

The real estate landscape is constantly evolving. Ask your Realtor about their commitment to continuing education and staying abreast of industry updates. A Realtor who invests in their knowledge and skills is more likely to offer innovative solutions and navigate complex transactions effectively.

11. Availability for Showings

If you’re buying a home, ask about their availability for property showings. A flexible Realtor who can accommodate your schedule will ensure that you don’t miss out on potential opportunities in a competitive market.

12. Exit Strategy

Discuss the exit strategy in case the partnership doesn’t work out as expected. Understanding the terms for termination of the agreement provides clarity and ensures a smooth transition if necessary.

By asking these essential questions, you’ll gain valuable insights into your potential Realtor’s qualifications, approach, and commitment to your success. Take the time to thoroughly vet your Realtor, and you’ll be well on your way to finding or selling your perfect home with confidence and peace of mind.

You can count on Dianne Swift for friendly professional support throughout your transaction and beyond. With years of experience restoring and preparing homes to sell, she has honed her ability to spot homes with great potential and knows what it takes to build equity.

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