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Art Hanging Guide

By November 30, 2023December 7th, 2023Design Advice, Niche Homes Studio Features

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life”

- Pablo Picasso

We can paint and tile and furnish to our hearts desire, but if we forget the art, is the project really finished? I do not think so. Art finishes off a space like a great pair of shoes makes an outfit. Once you have selected the perfect piece of art for your home, you need to frame and hang it appropriately. Here are my top three guidelines for hanging art in your home.

First, make sure your art is the correct size. A piece of art should be two thirds the size of the furniture it is being hung over. I usually measure the overall dimensions first and then work backwards, filtering my art search by size. If the piece you have fallen in love with is smaller than your desired dimensions, consider framing it with a heavy mat to make it appear larger. Or, consider hanging art in a grouping or gallery wall.

Second, make sure you do not hang your art too high or low. The center of the piece of art should be approximately 60”- 64” high. This can fluctuate based on your own eye level and the ceiling height of the space. Someone who is taller may need to raise the art up slightly.

When you are hanging art as a set or a gallery wall, treat the collection as one piece. Selecting the size of the collection using the two thirds rule and selecting the height of the collection by putting the center of the collection at 60” above the floor. Gallery walls can be hung in grids or inorganic shapes. I love a gallery wall that starts small, maybe 3 pieces, and grows over time as someone finds new pieces to add to it.

Selecting the right frame for a piece of art can be just as important as how you hang it. On a recent tour of Harrington Art Studio, I asked artist Ryan Harrington, his advice for selecting the perfect frame. He said “My top tip for selecting the correct frame for a piece of art is to be conscious of the style of art you have and pick the frame accordingly. Keep an open mind because there are numerous ways to frame a painting successfully. Don’t limit yourself by room decor or finishes; it’s most important to honor the piece and frame with intent.”

Sometimes breaking the rules, by exaggerating the size of a piece oversized or undersized, can be interesting and unexpected. Measuring dimensions, selecting pieces that speak to you, as well as framing and hanging art, are all important parts of a process that can result in spaces which beautifully express your personality and style.

Kayley Danielson is Principal Designer at Niche Homes Studio.
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