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April Showers

By April 26, 2017November 11th, 2022Neighborhood Features

When I got my license almost two years ago tried-and-true realtors would tell me how crazy spring would get. Doe-eyed as I was, I nodded my head in agreement. Sure. Spring. Crazy.

Here I am two-years later and in the hottest sellers market this valley has seen in a long time. And I will emphatically say that spring, particularly this spring is CRAZY. Like absolutely-nuts, homes-flying-off-the-shelves crazy. And I’m loving and embracing the nuttiness and wildness of it all!

I credit my ability to thrive during this intense season to my organizational abilities, my investment in ongoing professional development and my team. When I founded Yalecrest Homes, I didn’t want to be a one-and-done realtor; the kind that sells a few houses a year and just slides on by. I wanted to do it right and optimize the value I provide my clients. I invested in a team and infrastructure that would allow me to thrive in intense markets like we are seeing now.

This year my investment is paying off. I was named one of Realty Path’s top Salt Lake performers in 2016. In April alone, Yalecrest Homes closed 5 properties and listed another 4. And although it has tested the limits of our resources, we are rising to the task and optimizing our clients home-buying and selling value.

We’re just hope our April showers continue into May. We love getting our feet wet!