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Announcing Yalecrest’s Parade of Homes

By February 11, 2016April 16th, 2019Local Home Tours

Join us for our monthly Yalecrest Home Tours. Email with interest; tickets are by invitation only and limited.

Last month was our first Parade-of-Homes-inspired Yalecrest Home Tours.  Many thanks to Jon and Courtney Lee who were brave enough to be our first and graciously welcomed us into their home. Attendees enjoyed hearing about Jon and Courtney’s renovation journey, touring the home and socializing over fondue.

You have probably noticed that we have a bit of a construction boom going on in the Yalecrest area of late. In other suburbs new construction at this scale is usually tied to developers bringing in cookie-cutter housing with rigidly imposed homeowner rules. Luckily for us, our housing boom is owner-driven and in best cases honors the tone of our Yalecrest neighborhood.

One of the downsides to a boom like this is that there’s not a great way to share the success of a home’s reconstruction. Parades of Homes happen all over our country celebrating the latest in construction and design innovation in new suburbs, but we don’t get the chance to be educated and inspired by the new homes going up around us.

My hope is that the Yalecrest Home Tours will be a way for us to share and inspire our home renovation and new construction projects. I look forward to the many more Yalecrest Home Tours to come and hope you will join us as we discover the evolving design and construction of our neighborhood’s homes.