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A Wild Success

By September 15, 2016April 15th, 2019Neighborhood Events

Many thanks to everyone who showed up for the inaugural Laird Park Movie Night last Friday! At sunset we lit up the screen for Disney’s new, live-action, “The Jungle Book.” It was a delightful and rewarding sight to see the park field brimming with blankets, chairs, strollers and even this giant soccer ball…

Neighbors and friends mingled, children played intermittently on the back field and playground, and little ones (and many of their parents) burrowed into coats and blankets on what felt like the first autumn night of the year.

We handed out over 200 free bottles of water and popcorn bags and learned you can never underestimate the amount of popcorn a little child can eat! We happily kept filling bags the entire night.

Congratulations to Dan Creer who won our Redbox free rentals and candy bin. Lucky guy (and kids)!

And many thanks to Tim Clawson from Utah Outdoor Cinema, and the many hands who helped make our first movie night a wild success. See you all at the Halloween Parade next month!